Gold replica watches classification

Between gold watches. In order to save costs, two different metal materials are used on the same watch: gold and ordinary metal stainless steel, such as the gold ring steel case of some watches and Rolex gold and silver bracelets. Such watches can also wear a gold watch accessory feeling. Come.

Gold-plated watch. The price is low and it is not a real gold watch in the strict sense. The "gold-plated watch" usually uses chemical methods for ion plating. The principle of PVD vacuum ion plating physical deposition has different thicknesses. The common thickness is 3 microns, which can usually be kept for replcia Rolex about a year without being worn through, and there are also 10 microns. But the cost is higher. Usually a gold-plated watch with a few hundred dollars is 3 microns, the coating is relatively thin but relatively strong, mostly used in low-end watches; there is also a more inexpensive "yellow-plated" watch that uses yellow-plated zinc technology to obtain a yellow appearance after passivation The zinc layer with better corrosion resistance is relatively simple and easy to fall off.

Gold watch. It means to paste K gold foil on stainless steel or other metals, wrap it on the carcass, and then beat it with a hammer to make the uneven texture like the carcass surface, so the gold coating is thicker and not easy to fade. Gold-clad is an early physical adhesive for the protective "decoration" of the replica watches case. The technological process is very complicated, and it has been basically eliminated and there are very few watches. Gold-plated thickness of more than 20 microns can also be called gold-plated, the thickest gold-plated is 10 microns, and the thickest gold-plated is 80 microns.