A gold replica watch is certainly not a watch made of pure gold

The gold watch we usually talk about is of course not a watch made of pure gold. After all, pure gold is very soft. Even ordinary jewelry is easy to deform. For watches, especially the fragile movement parts of mechanical watches, a comparison is needed. Hard material is used as the case protection, so precious metal watches are usually made of 18K gold, which is 75% gold and other metals. This ensures both the value of the material and the quality of the material, but the gold replica watches is not only Only precious metal materials can be divided into many other materials or processes.

Platinum watch. The price is very expensive, because platinum is much rarer than gold, and only the most precious watches in the world use platinum cases. Platinum and 18k gold have different official purity marks, which are easier to distinguish. For the convenience of buyers, Patek Philippe has also inlaid a small diamond below the 6-point scale of all its own platinum watches, which is very obvious. If you master this method, you can tell whether the brand's watches are made of platinum.

Platinum watch. Platinum and platinum have always been confused by people. In the watchmaking industry, platinum is actually an alloy of gold, which is the 18K gold mentioned in the first paragraph of our previous article. The proportion of pure gold is 750‰. There are two major schools of metal remaining 250‰. One major genre is the addition of zinc, which will make the white gold color grayish and yellowish. It needs to be rhodium-plated on the outer layer to look bright and dazzling. The disadvantage is that the rhodium-plated layer is peeling off for a long time, and the aesthetics decreases. Even if the big brands can guarantee to provide the service of re-plating rhodium, it is relatively troublesome. Another major genre is the addition of palladium, which is costly because palladium itself is also a precious metal. But the white gold with palladium is shiny, white and uniform, and does not need rhodium plating, which saves many troubles in future maintenance.

Red gold watch. Also known as "Rose Gold Watch", the case is made of 750‰ pure gold + 250‰ copper, and the pure gold content remains unchanged. As the proportion of copper increases, the alloy color is slightly reddish. This special color is less After a bit of gold, it shows more elegance, and it has gradually been sought after in recent years. Because it was popular in Russia in the early 19th century, it was called "Russian Gold". Its composition is roughly 750‰ pure gold plus 250‰ electrolytic pure copper, which has the characteristics of strong ductility, high hardness, resistance to deformation or replica watches uk, and changeable colors. If you add silver, the color will become lighter, and the more silver you add, the lighter the red. When the silver content increases to 10% and the copper content drops to about 15%, the color will be lighter or pinkish. The less silver is added and the more copper is added, the color becomes darker and redder.